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Hi all, I'm Gaurish enter image description here

About me

I am currently pursing my Ph.D. at the Faculty of humanities and social sciences, University of Zagreb. I have Bachelors in Computer Engineering and Masters in Natural Language Processing. I work as an early-stage researcher for the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project CLEOPATRA, under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network. I have 5+ industry experience and have worked as full-stack web-developer as well as data science engineer.

My research

My research mainly focuses on cross-lingual sentiment analysis for low-resourced languages. I am interested in testing the limitations of cross-lingual supervision transfer in zero-shot as well as few-shot settings. I am part of Institute of Linguistics and being jointly guided by Dr. Nives Mikelić Preradović (FFZG), Dr. Marko Tadić (FFZG) and Dr,. Jeremy Barnes (University of Oslo).


You can check my publications here


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